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Alfred L. Barrow is available for all your bagpiping needs,  desires, and wishes.  As a solo and band musician for both competition and performance, Alfred knows what he is doing when it comes to piping your event.  Among many occasions the pipes play, the most frequent are:

  • Weddings: The Great Highland Bagpipe, at your wedding, can add everlasting uniqueness to your special day.  Alfred has piped several weddings where the pipes highlighted parts of the ceremony to supplying pipe music for the entire ceremony.

The events Alfred has experience with are numerous, in fact, Alfred has even planned and/or assisted in the planning of several events!

  • Parties/Ceremonies, Kirking of the Tartans, Dedications, Funerals, Anniversaries, Presentations, Robert Burns Suppers, St. Patrick's Day, St. Andrew's Day, and even paint ball battles.


  • Band Accompaniment: Folk, Rock, Symphonic, Gospel, Rap, Indie, Metal, Punk--You name it.  Whether you desire the sound of small pipes to accompany strings or wish to achieve a sound that the Great Highland Pipes or electronic bagpipes offer, that synthesizers just seem to miss, Alfred can work with you.   


  • Lessons:  If the piping bug has bitten you, listening to pipe music just will not do anymore.  Alfred has over five years of instructional experience and offers custom lessons to suit your lifestyle.  Click <here> to read more information about lessons.

Now Available

Piping Necessities for the Beginning Bagpiper

Bagpipe Tutorial

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In addition to the above, Alfred can assist fellow pipers in Bagpipe set-up including issues such as drone reed set up, tuning, et cetera.




































Contact Alfred L. Barrow for your events:

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